Discount Wine Fridges is an associated business of Kitchener Wine Cabinets, which is Australia’s oldest manufacturer and seller of wine storage cabinets. Kitchener Wine Cabinets have been making and selling wine cabinets since 1998 and the family business has been manufacturing continuously in Melbourne since 1946.

Kitchener Wine Cabinets only sell new wine fridges and have Australia’s widest range of new fridges including both Peltier and compressor technology. If you are looking for a new wine fridge they have an unbeatable product range. You can access their website at

Discount Wine Fridges sell all factory seconds and damaged units from Kitchener Wine Cabinets as well as second hand units from Vintec, Liebherr, EuroCave, Miele and other major brands.

If you wish to sell an old wine fridge, of any make, contact our office. We are generally only interested in larger units and any units outside of Melbourne must be delivered to our factory.

All units sold by Discount Wine Fridges come with a 12 month guarantee and are run and tested prior to being sold.

You can buy a great value unit with the piece of mind of after-sales service from Discount Wine Fridges. If something goes wrong you won’t be left in the lurch. We guarantee our products and will ensure that your purchase is supported in the years ahead.